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Talent concept

Talent concept


RZBC firmly believes that “talented personnel is the best asset of the Company”. The Company pursues the principle of “fair, equity and open”. Talented personnel is the first resource of the core competitiveness, the company shall encourage and cultivate every member in the team, help them to grow up and achieve success. The company shall become a learning type organization which continuously studies, receive fresh matters and inputs with fresh blood.

Talented personnel introduction:   the company vision is “keeping the continuous leading industry competitive force in global scale”. We have lofty ideal and ambitious goal, we concern staffs, actively bears the social responsibility, and hope to provide good working opportunities for excellent staff, and provide a wide development stage for various talents devoted to citric acid industry.

Talented personnel cultivation:   innovation mechanism and post growing, teaching from master, and system training will promote every staff’s ability continuously, and help new staff to fuse into the team as soon as possible, effectively stimulate staffs by performance examination mechanism, and keep their enthusiasm and vitality.

Talented personnel use:  suitable person shall take suitable work, it is fair and just. he Company insists on the talented personnel strategy of “talented person has suitable person, and only competition is existed in the talent use”, and is devoted to creating a fair, just and open employment environment, and realizes the mutual trust and respect between the superior and the subordinate.

Talented personnel retention:  the environment with condensed culture preserves talent, the Company is devoted to create good working environment and living condition, provides competitive salary welfare treatment, thus staffs have the sense of identity and belonging, and achieve the win-win of company value and personal value by good working atmosphere.

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