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1、 ISO9001
2、 ISO14001
3、 ISO22000
4、 IP
5、 Kosher (OU)
7、 GMP (Food)

10、Social Accountability Standard for Citric Acid Industry
11、FDA registration
16、Non-GMO Project
17、CNAS L2682

Management System

1、 ISO9001 is one of the Quality Management Systems. It helps organization to understand the processes of delivery and service to achieve its best condition.
2、 ISO14001 Environmental Management System stipulates the requirements of environmental management system, push the entity to establish environmental policies and objectives based on legal compliance and significant environmental influence information.
3、 Food Safety Management System is to assure there is no weak link on the food safety throughout the entire supply chain.
4、 IP(Identity Preservation Certification)is a guarantee system to maintain the specific identity of the product such as Non-GMO.
5、 OU Kosher Certification, means certified, clean, edible, and refers to Jewish dietary related products.
6、 Halal guarantees that food, medicine, cosmetics and food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic additives are in line with Muslim lifestyle and needs.
7、 GMP-Food is a production and management system using scientific and rational, standardized conditions and methods to ensure food safety and quality.
8、 FAMI-QS SOP established by FEFNAN covers all feed additives and premix production.
9、 BRC is an international standard of good manufacturing practice for food industry. It’s widely used to evaluate the manufacturer of the private brand retailer.
10、 Social Accountability Standard for Citric Acid Industry Management System is to standardize the production and operation of the company in the production and sales of citric acid products with regards to social responsibility such as personal health, safety and environmental protection, reducing the incidence of various types of risks establish effective emergency measures to reduce harm to personnel and damage to the environment.
11、 US FDA registration is a general requirement for food and drug related companies by US Food and Drug Administration. It is to ensure the safety of US domestic production or imported food, cosmetics, drugs, biologics, medical devices and radiological products.
12、FSSC 22000 is a global auditable food safety management system standard combined Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) HACCP and the srequirements of other management system. FSSC 22000 has provided a global approbatory standard for food enterprises, to prove that they have established comprehensive management system, which would meet the requirements of customers and the industry regulation in food safety.
13、HACCP is an international approbatory food safety management system standard, used to analyze and control the harm in food production, handling, processing and service procedure, help the food enterprise to meet the requirements of national law and regulation, ensure the safety of the food.
14、MUI-HALAL CETIFICATION, according to HAS23000, certifies that the food, medicine and the cosmetics provided to the Muslims comply with the Islamic Canon.
15、SHC HALA CETIFICATION,  according to  MS1500, certifies that the food, medicine and the cosmetics provided to the Muslims comply with the Islamic Canon.
16、The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization focusing on genetically modified organisms. The organization began as an initiative of independent natural foods retailers in the U.S. and Canada,[1] with the stated aim to label products produced in compliance with their Non-GMO Project Standard, which aims to prevent genetically modified foodstuffs from being present in retail food products.

17、Laboratory accreditation is the formal recognition given by the accreditation body of a laboratory's ability to perform specified types of testing and calibration. Accredited laboratories meet the “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories(ISO/IEC 17025:2005)”, and are capable of providing services within the scope of accreditation.
18、Advanced certification enterprise by Customs: Advanced certification enterprise (AEO) is the highest level in the credit category management of customs enterprises. In addition to enjoying the customs clearance facilitation measures of China, Singapore, South Korea, European Union, Hong Kong and other countries or regions, there are 49 joint incentive measures for keeping faith.
19、Intellectual property management system certification(IPMS), the enterprise intellectual property management system refers to the intellectual property rights in the enterprise management strategy, the enterprise intellectual property management idea, management organization, management mode, management personnel, management system as a whole, the definition and try to accomplish the task of enterprise intellectual property system engineering.
20、SEDEX - SMETA audit: SEDEX is a non-profit organization based in London, England, many retailers, brands and other groups are required to work with farms, factories and manufacturers to participate in the SEDEX members moral management audit (SMETA), to ensure its operation conform to the requirements of the relevant ethical standards, audit result can be recognized by all the SEDEX membership and Shared by them.
21、DMF filing: the U.S. DMF filing library is a widely referenced supplier repository for pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world, so nearly all pharmaceutical manufacturers that want to bring their products to the international market do so.

al market do so.

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