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Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

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Enterprise values

RZBC vision:
The company will keep the continuous leading competitiveness in global citric acid industry.

The company aims to be a company that is respected in society and that brings dignity to its employees.

RZBC characters:
Integrity, honesty, diligence, probity and regulation are the morals that all employees of the company must maintain.

Professionalism, communication, cognition, foresight and sharing are the necessary abilities of management team in the company.

Responsibility is Occupation spirit and Professional conduct every employee should abide.

Team benefit is supreme and should be kept in mind by every employee. Team success is the cornerstone of personal success.
Obedience, unconditional implementation of team decisions, never shirks. Company never employ disobedient, irresponsible staff.

Management concept:
Fair and just are action guidelines of company.
System, flow chart and contract spirits are the supreme power rules of the Company.
Innovation determines the enterprise future; every staff of the company shall understand the mistake in innovative process but never stand still and refuse to make progress.

Talent concept:
Talent is the first resource with the most core competitive force; the Company shall encourage and cultivate every member in the team, help others to grow up and achieve success; the Company shall become a learning type organization which continuously studies, receive fresh matters and absorb with fresh blood.
Medium and senior management team must meet the qualification requirement, and elected by open competition. Medium and senior managers must have the appropriate knowledge and skills, job rotation,to accept the democratic evaluation, subject to audit is required. Company does not employ ignorance fearless cadres.
Senior management is responsible for the decision-making,leadership, service and supervision, to develop system, processes and to process milestones, rather than routine powers. Mid-level cadres take the responsibility of daily fairs.
Senior management’s significant work decisions shall be made through collective deliberation in office meetings, striving for perfection. Decision-making should draw on the wisdom of multiple parties, while execution must be resolute and forceful.

Operation concept:
Focus on the demand of the clients and improve the competitiveness of the clients.

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