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RZBC always insists on the operation concept of “customer first”, concerns the customers ’demand momentarily, improves own service quality continuously and provides the most considerate and best quality service for customers, so as to win the market by quality, build up brand by service and starts the future by reputation. Through professional team, technology, and devices, RZBC creates safe and high-quality products and services, wins the customer trust, sustainably satisfies different demands of customers, develops the terminal clients groups and extends the enterprise value chain.

Rizhao enjoys excellent geological and traffic locations, it is located at shore of Yellow Sea, side wing of the southeast of Shandong Peninsula, east to Japan and Korea by separation of Yellow Sea, west to Linyi, north to Qingdao and Weifang, and south to Lianyungang of Jiangsu Province, and forms a fast transportation way.

The marine transport has two national first-class foreign open ports in Rizhao and Lanshan, and these ports are 17 km to Qingdao port; Rihe, Pinglan and Jiaoxin railways are crossed through the road transport; Rihe railway is moved towards Xian and passed through Alataw Pass of Xinjiang, and has formed 11, 000 km New Eurasian Land Bridge; in 2014, the first high speed railway-Qingrilian railway in Rizhao was approved by National Development and Reform Commission and commenced to build; Ridong, Shenhai, Shugang expressways, 12 national roads and provincial roads are in criss-cross and extended in all directions;

For air transport, Rizhao Shanzihe International Airport has been built up and opened at the end of 2015; Guangzhou, Beijing, Harbin, Chengdu, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Jinan and other domestic airlines are opened; Seoul, Taibei and other international airlines are successively opened.

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