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Environmental protection

Environmental protection


RZBC Group is devoted to promote the resource conservation, use and develop the circular economy simultaneously, vigorously carries out clean production, energy-saving and emission reduction, develops the circular economy, and works hard to be the resource-conservation type and environmental-friendly enterprise. On the basis of circular use of raw material and echelon development of product, the group has formed multiple circular chains among the internal enterprise and the social resource, complex circular use of energy source and water resources. The sewage is treated by applying the international advanced IC anaerobic technique. The generated methane generates power, and the afterheat of the power generation tail gas is used for drying the by-product mycelium and producing rough protein feed. The by-product calcium sulfate is used for producing gypsum and cement industry retarder, and realizing the circular using of resource and the sustainable development. The group reaches waste reclamation and harmless, realizes the maximum economic benefit and social benefit by low investment, high use and lowest cost. The group is successively rewarded as “National Environment-Friendly Enterprise”, “Citric Acid Industry Environment-Friendly Advanced Enterprise”, “Shandong Circular Economy Model Flat”, etc.


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