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RZBC Group held the 2024 Chinese New Year Gala

As the Jade Rabbit bids farewell to the old year, the Golden Dragon celebrates the arrival of the new spring. On the evening of February 1, 2024, the RZBC Group's 2024 Chinese New Year Gala, organized by the Group's Youth League Committee, was grandly held in the fourth-floor conference room of RZBC (JUXIAN). Executives of the group, employees, and their families jointly attended the event. The opening dance "Thousand Colors" featuring graceful movements and fluttering colorful fans officially kicked off the gala. Mr. Jiao delivered a speech, conveying warm wishes and New Year greetings to the vast number of cadres, employees, and their families. The gala featured a diverse and spectacular array of performances, including singing with dance, drum performances, cheerleading, cross talk, poetry recitation, skits, and other acts taking turns on stage. The surprise-filled lottery segment added to the excitement. The song and dance performance "All the Best of Luck" brought everyone good wishes, "I Once Was Young" used music to replay memories of youth, the dance "Cheerleading" showcased the enthusiasm and youthful spirit of RZBC employees, the drum performance "Counter-Strike" presented the energy of the younger generation, the poetry recitation "Building Dreams in RZBC" took us through more than thirty years of the company's establishment and development, recalling the beautiful moments of hard work. The skit "Giving Suggestions" told a story about the company's philosophy of "employee-centric," which was touching. The cross talk "Scholar with Five Cars" conveyed the charm of traditional Chinese performance forms with laughter, making it unforgettable. The three-and-a-half lines in "Celebrating the New Year" resonated with passionate language, sending warm wishes to RZBC. The song "Love Is Here" allowed us to feel the loving atmosphere of the RZBC family amidst changing seasons and scenes. The song "Setting Off Again" encouraged us to embrace the future actively, continuously setting off on the journey forward. Finally, the gala concluded with a large chorus of "RZBC Has Me," performed by employees from various positions, leaving sincere emotions for RZBC in everyone's heart. The gala also specially included an award ceremony for employees reaching their thirtieth anniversary of service, with General Manager Kou personally presenting commemorative gold medals to three veteran employees and taking a group photo with them. The dazzling lights represent the splendid colors of the New Year, and the melodious songs echo the moving melody of the New Year. This was a joyful event, showcasing the positive and uplifting spirit of all RZBC people and expressing wishes for a beautiful New Year. Welcoming the auspicious dragon and ushering in the new spring, in the coming year, all RZBC people will continue to write a new chapter for RZBC with diligent work and solid convictions.

RZBC Group Holds 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

On the morning of February 1, 2024, the Rizhao RZBC Group's 2023 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference was held in the fourth-floor conference room of RZBC (JUXIAN). Company executives, middle-level managers, representatives of honored collectives and individuals, and some employee representatives attended the meeting. The conference reviewed the various work of the group company in 2023 and commended outstanding collectives and exemplary employees who emerged during the production and operation in the past year. At the conference, Chairman of RZBC Group, Mr. Jiao Guangming, delivered a report titled "Summary of Work in 2023 and Policy Goals for 2024." Mr. Jiao mentioned that in the face of a complex domestic and international environment in the past year, under the correct leadership of the Group's Party Committee and Board of Directors, the vast cadres and employees of the company stabilized production and operations, deepened and improved management, and solidly promoted projects. The company successfully completed various production and operation tasks. In the new year, with an unfavorable economic environment and market conditions, the company will adhere to corporate culture, strengthen basic management, and hope that the cadres and employees of the company can continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation and practical work, dare to go against the trend, and set sail again with a vigorous and enterprising attitude to embark on a new journey together. Comrade Wei Caixia, Deputy General Manager of RZBC (JUXIAN), read out the Group's decision on the recognition and rewards for outstanding collectives and exemplary employees in 2023. Company executives presented awards to outstanding employees, advanced teams, advanced union groups, outstanding union group leaders, outstanding science association group leaders, outstanding youth league branch secretaries, outstanding safety group leaders, advanced workshops, advanced party branches, outstanding party members, continuous learning models, recipients of rationalization suggestions awards, and "Good Mentor" award winners. Representatives of advanced collectives and outstanding employees made statements and speeches. They expressed their commitment to closely aligning with the group's production and operation policy goals, actively practicing corporate values, diligently implementing various work requirements, and particularly striving in cost control, management improvement, and work innovation. With a spirited and proactive attitude, they aim to collectively write a new chapter for the company's green and high-quality development in the coming year. As the beautiful moments crystallize with time, a new chapter unfolds with the arrival of the new year. The hardworking and progressive 2023 has passed, and the hopeful 2024 has arrived on schedule. In the new year, facing new challenges and embarking on a new journey, let us go all out and move forward bravely!

RZBC was awarded the National IntellectuaProperty Demonstration Enterprise

Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Office released the "Notice of the Results of the Appraisal of National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises in 2023". After the procedures of enterprise evaluation, recommendation reporting, review and confirmation, RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD was recognized as one of the National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise. "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise" is an honor awarded to enterprises for their outstanding work in intellectual property creation, application, protection and management. It is also a high evaluation of the enterprise's intellectual property management work. This recognition represents that the enterprise has outstanding advantages and core competitiveness in intellectual property management and application, and is the highest honor and evaluation given by the country to the enterprise's intellectual property management work.

RZBC group carried out Mid-Autumn FestivaCondolence

On September 26th, as the traditional Chinese festival of Mid-Autumn Festival approached, RZBC Group organized a 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival condolence visit to Wangjiashangou Village, Yanzhuang Street, Juxian County. The company carefully prepared customized mooncake gift boxes, peanut oil, flour, and other holiday gifts totaling more than 40,000 yuan. Dai Yuhai, the chairman of the labor union, participated in the event and extended his care and Mid-Autumn Festival wishes to all the villagers. In the next step, RZBC Group will continue to uphold the values of "enterprises respected by society, and employees having personal dignity," support rural revitalization efforts, actively assume social responsibilities, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of the local economy while stabilizing production and operation.

RZBC Held the Annual Education Grants Ceremony 2023

On August 14, 2023, RZBC held the annual education grants ceremony 2023. Participants including Mr.Li Chengwei (general manager of RZBC), Ms.Wei Caixia (deputy general manager of RZBC), Mr.Dai Yuhai (chairman of the labor union, manager of administration department), and 10 employees and their children who have achieved excellent results in the college entrance examination.  Before the event, all employees' children visited the company's national citric acid industry analysis and testing center and automated packaging production line. The general manager Mr. Li, on behalf of the company, expressed congratulations to all employees and their children who succeed in the college entrance examination. At the symposium, everyone had a imagination about their future university life. Among them, Fan Binhui, the son of Engineering Department Fan Kaiming, who was successfully admitted to the Tsinghua University, shared his learning insights and university planning. In the end, the General manager Mr.Li awarded education grants and souvenir backpacks to the children of RZBC employees who were admitted to universities this year. After the event, everyone took a group photo.

RZBC Group CO., LTD. was awarded as “Top 10 Enterprises in China Fermentation Industry", "Top 200 Enterprises in China Light Industry" and “Top 100 Science and Technology Enterprises in China Light Industry”

On July 20, 2023, the Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises Summit Forum with the theme of “Moving Towards World-Class Enterprises and Serving the People’s Better Life” was held in Beijing, sponsored by China National Light Industry Council. Mr.Zhang Chonghe, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China National Light Industry Council, attended and delivered a keynote speech. The forum released the evaluation results of “Top 200 Enterprises of China Light Industry” and “Top 100 Enterprises in China Light Industry Science and Technology” in 2022. RZBC Group CO., LTD. was once again awarded as “Top 10 Enterprises in China Fermentation Industry”, “Top 200 Enterprises in China Light Industry”, and “Top 100 Science and Technology Enterprises in China Light Industry”.
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