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RZBC GROUP CO., LTD was awarded "Top 10 Enterprises in China Fermentation Industry", "Top 50 Enterprises in China Light Industry Food Industry" and "Top 200 Enterprises in China Light Industry".

On August 10, the High Quality Development Summit Forum of China's top 100 Enterprises in light Industry was held in Beijing with the theme of "Implementing the New Era Strategy and building a strong country in light industry". Zhang Chonghe, Party Secretary and President of China Light Industry Federation attended and delivered a keynote speech. He Yaqiong, director-general of the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Xia Nong, first-class inspector of the Department of Industry of the National Development and Reform Commission, attended and delivered speeches. Officials from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the State Administration for Market Regulation and other ministries, as well as the China Federation of Light Industry attended the meeting. The forum was chaired by He Ye, vice president of the China Federation of Light Industry. The forum released the evaluation results of China's Top 200 Enterprises in Light Industry and other top 100 enterprises in 2021. RZBC GROUP CO., LTD was awarded the "Top 10 Enterprises in China's Fermentation industry", "Top 50 enterprises in China's Light Industry food industry" and "Top 200 enterprises in China's light Industry". China Light Industry Council is a national, comprehensive, industrial organization with service and management functions in light industry. The Top 100 enterprises evaluation list published by China Light Industry Council every year has high authority and wide influence in the industry, and is an important standard to measure the development vitality of China's light industry enterprises. RZBC GROUP CO., LTD has always been focused on citric acid technology progress and green development over the years, and has maintained the leading competitiveness in the industry. Next, the company will take this as an opportunity to continue around the high quality development goal, tamping management foundation, strengthening science and technology innovation, highlighting green development, to promote the high quality development of light industry constantly contribute strength.

RZBC GROUP CO., LTD.Held The Completion Ceremony Of 3.7MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

On the morning of 18th July,2022, the completion ceremony for 3.7MW photovoltaic power generation project was grandly held on basketball court of RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD. Mr. Kou Guangzhi, Chairman of RZBC GROUP CO., LTD., Mr. Xiang Feng, Chairman of DSUN DEVELOPMENT GROUP CO., LTD., Mr. Wang Guanghe, Vice President of DSUN DEVELOPMENT GROUP CO., LTD., Mr. He Liang, Engineering Director of SHANDONG DSUN ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Mr. Jiao Guangming, the General Manager of RZBC IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD., Mr. Gao Xiaotong, the Vice-general Manager of RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD. as well as Mr. Meng Xiangfeng, Manager of International Business Department and Mr. Zhou Lijian, Reginal Manager of RZBC IMP.& EXP.CO.,LTD., attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the event, Mr. Kou Guangzhi, Chairman of RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. delivered a speech. Mr. Kou first expressed the gratitude to the project contractor, Shandong DSUN Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Kou said that this photovoltaic project has been jointly discussed with DSUN Energy, and innovatively applied building facade photovoltaic technology. The implementation of the project will continue to optimize the energy structure of the factory, increase the company's green electricity ratio, reduce carbon emissions and follow the international community's goal of achieving carbon neutrality. Mr. He, Engineering Director of DSUN Energy, delivered a speech and introduced distributed photovoltaic power generation project of the company. The 3.7MW photovoltaic power generation project of RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. is constructed by Shandong DSUN Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The total installed capacity of the project is 3.7MW. After the project is put into operation, the average annual power generation is about 4.5 million KWH, saving standard coal annually about 1,350 tons, reducing 3,780 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The project makes full use of the idle roofs of the existing factory buildings, and the facades of office buildings and apartment buildings are scientifically designed and reconstructed. The supporting construction of a modern photovoltaic parking lot has also been completed. RZBC GROUP CO., LTD., as a national environment-friendly enterprise and a national leader in energy conservation and environmental protection in the bio-fermentation industry, has always been actively responding to national policies in recent years, continuing to optimize the energy structure of the factory, and implementing high-quality development requirements with active actions. The completion and commissioning of the project marks that RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. has taken another solid step in optimizing the green energy structure and developing the smart energy field. Meanwhile, it has significant implications for building smart enterprises and green enterprises, and giving play to good economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.  

RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD. Was Awarded As The National Leading Enterprise of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection in Biological Fermentation Industry

On May 26, 2022, China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association(CBFIA) held “The fourth session of the third Council and the fourth session of the third Standing Council” in the form of online video. At the meeting, seven enterprises including RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD. were identified as the national leading enterprise of energy conservation and environmental protection in the national biological fermentation industry which were evaluated and selected by related industry experts organized by China Biotech Fermentation Industry Association(CBFIA), aiming to promote the green and low-carbon development of the bio-fermentation industry and advance the healthy and green development of the bio-fermentation industry. This award fully affirmed the company's contribution to energy conservation, environmental protection, green development and other aspects.  

RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. Held the “Vernal May, Dynamic RZBC” Basketball Game

In order to further enrich the leisure life of the employees, show the  youthful vitality of RZBC team, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and tribute to the company's 30th anniversary of the establishment of the factory, the company's Youth League Committee organized the basketball game of “Vernal May, Dynamic RZBC” at the RZBC basketball court on 18th May, 2022. In this competition, the environmental protection and power team won the championship, the functional department team won the runner-up, and the fermentation extraction thermodynamic team won the third place in the competition.  

The "Charming Ladies, Elegant RZBC" Women's Day Entertainment Games was Held by RZBC on 08th March, 2022

In March, the spring breeze brings warmth. With the purpose of enriching the cultural life of employees and creating a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere, RZBC held the Women's Day Entertainment Games on the morning of 08th March, 2022 at RZBC basketball court. More than 130 female employees from various departments of the group participated in the event. Mr. Kou, the RZBC chairman of the board of directors, and some senior executives came to the scene to cheer up. This entertainment sports meeting showed the good mental outlook of RZBC female employees, and everyone spent a holiday that belonged to them in a relaxed and happy way.  

Real Care Forges Hope Loving Heart Transfers Warmth

On 05th February, 2022, the house of Liu Lei, an employee from packaging workshop of RZBC GROUP CO., LTD., accidentally caught fire, causing almost all the items of his home burned out. The sudden disaster brought a heavier burden to the originally not affluent family. After learning about the situation, the Labor Union from RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. immediately made an emergency allocation of relief funds and organized donation activities among all the employees. All the staff reacted proactively and extended a helping hand and implies their caring hearts. In this event, RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. provided a total amount of 108,000 yuan to the employee in difficulty. After receiving the relief funds, the employee, together with their family members expressed their gratitude to all the employees of the company for their loving hearts and help. With the company as a powerful backing, they will regain their confidence and bring this warmth to start a new life. "Company is respected and employees have dignity" is the important part of RZBC's culture. Over the years, the company has always advocated to forge a warm company culture, always caring about the lives of employees, so that employees work more at ease, and the development of the company is stable and harmonious.  
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