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RZBC Held the Annual Education Grants Ceremony 2023

On August 14, 2023, RZBC held the annual education grants ceremony 2023. Participants including Mr.Li Chengwei (general manager of RZBC), Ms.Wei Caixia (deputy general manager of RZBC), Mr.Dai Yuhai (chairman of the labor union, manager of administration department), and 10 employees and their children who have achieved excellent results in the college entrance examination.  Before the event, all employees' children visited the company's national citric acid industry analysis and testing center and automated packaging production line. The general manager Mr. Li, on behalf of the company, expressed congratulations to all employees and their children who succeed in the college entrance examination. At the symposium, everyone had a imagination about their future university life. Among them, Fan Binhui, the son of Engineering Department Fan Kaiming, who was successfully admitted to the Tsinghua University, shared his learning insights and university planning. In the end, the General manager Mr.Li awarded education grants and souvenir backpacks to the children of RZBC employees who were admitted to universities this year. After the event, everyone took a group photo.

RZBC Group CO., LTD. was awarded as “Top 10 Enterprises in China Fermentation Industry", "Top 200 Enterprises in China Light Industry" and “Top 100 Science and Technology Enterprises in China Light Industry”

On July 20, 2023, the Light Industry Top 100 Enterprises Summit Forum with the theme of “Moving Towards World-Class Enterprises and Serving the People’s Better Life” was held in Beijing, sponsored by China National Light Industry Council. Mr.Zhang Chonghe, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China National Light Industry Council, attended and delivered a keynote speech. The forum released the evaluation results of “Top 200 Enterprises of China Light Industry” and “Top 100 Enterprises in China Light Industry Science and Technology” in 2022. RZBC Group CO., LTD. was once again awarded as “Top 10 Enterprises in China Fermentation Industry”, “Top 200 Enterprises in China Light Industry”, and “Top 100 Science and Technology Enterprises in China Light Industry”.

RZBC Held the New Employee Orientation Training 2023

From July 10th to 16th, 2023, RZBC held the orientation training for new employees recruited from campuses in 2023. The new employees stepped into RZBC with expectations and aspirations, starting their career journey. At the opening ceremony, Mr.Jiao Guangming, led everyone to learn about the corporate culture and review the development history. During the training period, the new employees started their daily life with morning exercises. They honed their will and enhanced their discipline awareness through military training. The rich quality development projects improved the team cohesion and responsibility of the new employees. The training arranged systematic professional knowledge courses, taught by senior managers of the company, covering human resources system, business conduct standards, daily behavior standards, safety, quality, 8S, sales, finance and other knowledge. The new employees also gained a deeper understanding of the production process during the factory visit. In the speech contest activity, each employee shared their own insights and told everyone about RZBC in their eyes. At the graduation ceremony, the new employees presented a wonderful evening party, showing the youthful and positive spirit of them. The evening party marked a successful conclusion of this training.

RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. organized walking activity to welcome Party's Day

In order to celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Party, enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, create a green, low-carbon, healthy and progressive enterprise atmosphere, and guide the majority of employees to actively participate in sports and fitness activities, on the morning of June 17, RZBC GROUP CO., LTD. held a "Vigorous Jinhe, we are together" staff walking activity in Shuhe Wetland Park in Juxian. The activity was jointly organized by the group Party Committee, Labour union, Youth League Committee and Science and Technology Association. More than 200 employees and their families participated in the activity. At 9:00 am, the event was launched.Mr.Li Chengwei, general manager of RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD., delivered a speech. Afterwards, the professional teacher led all the staff to warm up. Then, with the order, the walking activities officially began. All staff start from the Bell Tower Square in Shuhe Park and move along the Shuhe Green Road. After more than an hour of non-stop walking, everyone reached the end. Each employee received a custom commemorative medal. Everyone opened their mobile phone and frozen the happiness and beauty of the moment.

The "Charming in March, Youth in RZBC " Women's Day Entertainment Sports Meeting was Held by RZBC on 08th March, 2023

To celebrate International Women's Day, on the morning of March 8,2023, RZBC held entertainment sports meeting with the theme of "Charming in March, Youth in RZBC" at RZBC basketball court. More than 100 female employees from various departments of the group participated in this event. Mr. Li Chengwei, the general manager of RZBC(JUXIAN) CO., LTD., delivered a speech on behalf of the company to send festival wishes to all female employees. This event enhanced the communication between employees, showed the cohesiveness of RZBC female employees, let everyone feel happy and relaxed during the busy working, motivated all employees to put more enthusiasm into the production and management working.

RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD. was awarded as the " Outstanding Contribution Enterprise to Local Finance and Taxation" ," Leading Enterprise in Industry Development" of Juxian County in 2022.

On January 29, the County Party Committee Economic Work Conference and the breakthrough mobilization conference for the county’s green, low-carbon and high-quality development were held. The purpose of the conference was to encourage and guide the enterprises in the county to thoroughly implement the new development concept and accelerate the process of green, low-carbon and high-quality development, and the outstanding enterprises in the county's high-quality development in 2022 were emphatically praised. RZBC (JUXIAN) CO., LTD. was awarded as "Outstanding Enterprise to Local Finance and taxation" and "Leading Enterprise in Industry Development".
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