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Lean production

Lean production


RZBC is always focusing on production and sales of citric acid and citrates, and insists on high-quality and sophisticated requirements, pursues quality first, perfect and boutique. RZBC applies the international leading production device and the manufacturing process, realizes the lean, scaled, automatic and mechanical production, vigorously improves the technical device and the technical level, forms the powerful productivity and the core competitiveness, and ensures the excellent of RZBC product quality. Depending on the first production line reaching GMP specification in the same industry nationwide, the independently developed high-quality citric acid won the national level new product and stayed at the leading level in the world.

The product package follows the international specification and meets the requirements of different package specifications of different customers. The company build up the internationally advanced automatic package line and an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, configures a high-precision metal detector, and sets up an automatic ventilating, a temperature and humidity regulating device, and a perfect anti-insect and ratproof facility. Besides, the product package controls the environment air cleanliness, temperature and humidity according to GMP specification, prevents the products from pollution of air dust and microorganisms and ensures the storage safety of the product. The informationized integration regulating system is applied so that the product can rapidly gather and load within a short time and be delivered on time.

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